Meditation Scripts

Induction 1

1. Relax

  • 2. Take a deep deep breath in through your nose, and let it out through your mouth.
  • 3. Continue to repeat this process.
  • 4. Feel the stress ease out of your body.
  • 5. A gentle breeze of peace envelopes you
  • 6. Your body slips deeper into total relaxation.
  • 7. All the tension in your neck and shoulders releases and lets go.
  • 8. You are totally at ease.
  • 9. Streams of colored lights gently caress your body.
  • 10. These colored lights become a rainbow bubble around you.
  • 11. This bubble shimmers with gentle reflections of love, that thrill your body into a state of total oneness.

Induction 2

1. Close your eyes.

  • 2. Imagine the warm sun touching you on a spring day.
  • 3. Hear the water of a stream floating across the stones of it’s bed.
  • 4. Smell the sweet warmth of the Earth’s aroma coming into your conscious awareness.
  • 5. Feel the outside world slip away taking with it all your cares and worries.
  • 6. You are totally immersed now in the sacred private place your own private Earth.
  • 7. The birds begin to sing and with their song you become more and more a part of the totality of the scene.
  • 8. You begin to see a glowing energy around your body.
  • 9. This energy now reaches out and touches everything around you.
  • 10. Sense the wisdom that surrounds you.
  • 11. Open you heart to the messages of the true nature of oneness.

Inner Teacher path meditation

Breath deeply.

Surround yourself in a brilliant blue light.

Gently call out to your inner teacher.

Feel the energy respond, the blue light comes alive.  It sparkles and glows with love and beauty and takes the form of your teacher.  This form can be any form of God from human to tree to plant to animal.

The teacher points out a pathway to you.

See the pathway and understand it’s purpose.

Begin to walk down the pathway now with your teacher at your side.

Soon you are at a crossroad.  You turn to your teacher and discuss the choice you have before you.  You make the choice and continue the journey.

As you journey other people cross you pathway.  Stop one now and ask them what they have to teach you, then continue your journey.  (Perhaps more than one)

Now you come to a park, a resting place with trees and a beautiful lake.  Your teacher thinks you should rest awhile and regain your strength and perspective.  Can you do it?  Take some time to consider and decide.  When you continue your journey, you feel the joy or weight of your decision.

The path continues to grow out ahead of you.  It goes on to the horizon with no apparent end in sight.  You begin to tire and desire change.  You wonder how long the path will continue this way and if there will be another park soon.  You turn to ask your teacher and they’re gone.

Now you must decide, do you continue forward on this path or do you try to return to the park?  Your teacher has given you the wisdom to make this choice.  Make it now.

Now that your choice is made your teacher returns to share they’re opinion about your choice and where that choice will lead you.  Listen carefully.

When you have contemplated this wisdom of your inner teacher, fully, gently return your awareness to your body.  Bring back the new knowledge you have gained.

Awaken refreshed, renewed and ready to continue your growth.

Healing meditation

Become aware of your heart beating, rhythmic, soothing, constant.

Feel your breath feeding your blood with oxygen and releasing tension and fear.

Your body moves into a state of absolute relaxation, balance and peace.

From this place you find that your body is filled with capsules of light floating freely from place to place.  You become one of these light capsules and move into the flow of the stream.

Suddenly the capsules begin to gather into a large pool and you see up ahead of you a large dam.  You move yourself ahead to the dam to ask why it has stopped the flow.  Take time now to receive it’s answer.

Upon receiving this new knowledge ask the dam to remove itself and free the light capsules to resume their flow.

Travel now on this journey seeking all the dams.  Find their purpose for blocking the flow and remove them.  Do this now.

Now that the flow is established there are new capsules entering the stream.  Some are black and look sticky and disgust you.  Confront them now and ask them what they represent and why they are in your space.

Now that you are aware of why they have come into your space, you become overwhelmed with the love of forgiveness.  Your whole capsule swells until it bursts forth with a brilliant light that envelopes the black capsules and disintegrates the black goo, leaving them brilliant shining lights like the other capsules in the stream.

The whole flow becomes engrossed in this bursting forth of forgiveness.  Joyous celebration echoes through every part of you, waking your consciousness until you become aware that you are fully awake and feel alive and healed.

© 1994 Tatiacha Bhodsvatan

1 thought on “Meditation Scripts

  1. Thank you Tatiacha,

    These are a beautiful and gentle way, to assist in the clearing of the things we no longer need in ourselves. Thank you for taking the time to write and share them. They are lovely.

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