Totem Crystals

Info from Enoch Alissandro

Totem crystals are a system of identifying crystal formations and attributes. Everything in our planetary system is interconnected. The various parts of the Earth Mother are connected with the animal species on our planet. We refer to them as totems. The nine totems that follow are the primary crystals that make up the Earth’s crystal population. They are paired together with their animal counterpart, and their totem direction for the Earth. They are the building blocks that all the other totem crystals are founded on.

Left: Spider  – Cluster
Moose – Point
Weasel – Citrine
Crow – Clear Quartz – Herkimer Diamond
Rabbit – Blue Quartz
Frog – Amethyst
Brown Bear – Smoky Quartz
Armadillo – Black Quartz
Otter – Rose Quartz – Red Quartz

Totem Crystals AttributesAnt: This crystal is for dimensional integration, Higher Self, Soul and mind as well as all potentials of Higher Self blending energies together preparing for completion. (10 sided face with 10 faces.)

Antelope: Antelope helps you to jump over your personal barriers to do what is in the best and highest good of another, instead of what you would wish for them. (2 – 5 sided faces.)

Armadillo: Armadillo is the keeper of your personal space on all levels. The tough shell of Armadillo allows you to determine where another person ends and you begin. (Armadillo is black quartz and can have other totem attributes as well.)

Badger: Badger is the tool of intense forceful work. This is the totem to focus your energy to a direct and clear intent. (Laser wand, long thin crystal with 3 primary sides coming to a point, makes a ting noise when struck.)

Bald Eagle: The Bald Eagle allows you to send telepathically to another person, or another crystal the energies that are appropriate to the larger crystals totem attributes. (Crystal with an attached flat Dolphin crystal.)

Bat: This crystal signifies a new way of life. It will allow you to release old patterns at the deepest level. (8 sided face with 8 faces.)

Beaver: The dam of the Beaver will allow you to maintain the needed energy at all times. The Beaver crystal assists you to rebuild and maintain your personal energies. (Parallel horizontal lines on the side of the crystal. Foundation Crystal)

Bee: This crystal will assist you to find the beauty in life. To appreciate the simple aspects that make life joyous. It will teach you to seek and share the honey. (10 sided face.)

Black Bear: Black bear will take you into yourself. This crystal is the one of meditation. It holds the key to altered states of consciousness, and can act as the door to God within you. (Diamond shaped face.)

Brown Bear: This is the stone that brings to you intensified healing energies. These energies serve as the foundation for other totem energies. (Smoky Quartz)

Buffalo: Buffalo crystal brings about perfect order to your personal universe. It brings you the focus of your thoughts and allows you to decide if they are still what you desire to manifest. (Point of one crystal growing inside of (into) another crystal)

Butterfly: Butterfly will prepare you to leave your cocoon and learn to express yourself in a way that suits the true you. (9 sided face.)

Cat: This crystal does the same work that the purring kitten does. It brings in pure energy from the universe and sends out focused healing energy to a specific person that you wish to offer this to. (2 – 8 sided faces, 1 – 7 sided face.)

Cougar: The cougar allows for healing to take place for the whole. Cougar crystals show the way to give and receive the healing energies by example. (3 – 8 sided faces.)

Coyote: The teacher of new wisdom and technology, in harmony with the Earth. (11 sided face with 9 or 10 faces.)

Crab: Purpose of the Crab is to help you to deal with drastic change. (Crystal that was growing in one direction and changed direction of growth because of an Earth shift, Up to 90 degrees)

Crow: Crow is the totem attributed to the basic clear quartz. Crow is the mimic and will repeat what is given unto him in accordance with law.

Deer: Helps you to work through emotional issues from this life and past lives. (5 sided face.)

Dinosaur: This crystal holds the strengths of the ages. The most ancient of teachings is easily understood when you meditate with a Dinosaur. (Etchings on side of crystal and occasionally on a face. Looks like deterioration.)

Dog: This crystal is truly man’s best friend. Use it to send forth healing energies to all of the world, for we are all interconnected, and as such, all a brotherhood of best friends. (2 – 8 sided faces.)

Dolphin: This crystal assists in telepathic communication between people and between people, and other species of the Earth, and other races of beings. (Flat crystal.)

Dragonfly: This crystal helps you to see that there is greater depth to life. What is apparent on the surface is not always what is. Inside of every known there is an unknown that is a grand discovery. (Crystal with the illusion of a crystal inside of it, phantom).

Duck: Duck is the crystal of cooperation. It teaches you to allow the negativity to roll right off you. This allows you to find a place of cooperative effort for the good of all. ( 3 individual but connected crystals.)

Elk: Elk is the strength to get through the toughest of Earth plane lessons and life challenges. Elk helps you to make choices during these times to strengthen your character and not be beaten down. This crystal is the most suited to those who are grieving and works in perfect harmony with Otter, rose quartz. (3 – 5 sided faces.)

Falcon: Falcon gives the gift of direction. This crystal shows you where to go, gives you the map of your path and the information you will need to be prepared to take it. (Markings like a topo map on face).

Frog: The Frog is the totem of land and water. He brings the healing water to you to aid you in clearing both yourself and your space. Frog can also have a multitude of other totem attributes. (Amethyst)

Goat: Reality is subjective. Goat can show you the pathways to manifest yourself into other dimensions. (Green Chlorite inside crystal.)

Golden Eagle: Connects you with your Higher Self energies to strengthen communication and relationship to Spirit. (2 points coming out of a single base).

Goose: This crystal is the ideal of mates. Two individual expressions joined together by choice. A perfect crystal to assist you in calling forth this harmonious mate relationship. (2 individual but connected crystals.)

Grizzly Bear: Brings forth healing energies with great intensity and power. (8 sided face).

Grouse: The Grouse holds within in it the magic of the other worlds. From this place you can attract the universal healing energies that live within you, and all around you, from your DNA to the milky way. (Crystal with rutilation inside, fine golden or red hairs)

Hawk: Hawk allows you to go into altered state and receive the message of God. This crystal will help clear away you cobwebs and allow the information to be true. (7 sided face.)

Horse: For generating energy within a room or space. (Crystal with all faces coming to a perfect point at the top.)

Hummingbird: Brings out positive feelings and actions through the colors of the rainbow. (Crystal with a rainbow inside.)

Kangaroo: This is the crystal of nurturing. It is the careful caring for another person; or a personal project, or goal, that is in alignment with the whole. Place this energy into the pouch of the Kangaroo and allow it to come forth perfect, in the fullness of time. (Crystal starting within another crystal and growing outward.)

Lizard: Lizard crystal allows you to walk the Spirit line of no time. Here all things can be known. (Small parallelogram face.)

Lynx: They hold within them the secrets of the universe, for those who are willing to seek their knowledge. (Etched circle on face. 3rd type of Akasha crystal.).

Moose: This is the totem that represents the crystal point as opposed to a cluster. It is focused, yet diverse in it’s nature. It brings with it a full understanding of who it is. This can have any of the totem attributes.

Mouse: The mouse has the seeds of growth that are within all things. Often they go unnoticed. This crystal will bring an awareness of these things to the surface. (Crystal specs seeds, usually on the back of crystal. Can be on the face also.)

Opossum: This crystal gives and receives of the Creator. Bringing forth to the one using it, a healing of the fear that keeps them from giving. Then teaching them in fullness how to return the gift by sending pure love back to the Creator. (2 – 7 sided faces, 1 – 8 sided face)

Otter: Otter offers the gentle emotional healing that all people on the planet are in need of. It is available with many of the totem attributes. (Rose quartz.)

Owl: Though small in size don’t be fooled by the owl. Owl holds the wisdom of the ages. These little Owl clusters may have every other totem crystal that exists. If only you had a microscope to check them all. (Clusters that are very tiny. In the size the average size points would have 5 or 6 points, where the Owl crystal could have 50. These clusters usually contain all or many of the other totem crystals. The primary way to find them is by size and feel. If you put one cluster in one hand and another cluster in the other the Owl cluster will stand out as far more powerful.)

Panther: Allows the energy to flow freely without blockage. Panther is quick and it’s hunt unknown. Allow it to clear your energies! (Double terminated, point at each end)

Phoenix: Phoenix crystals can offer total transformation. They bring forth the higher tachion energies that allow for exponential growth. These energies must be consciously turned on, or off by the user. (Known as Tachion Crystal. More than 9 sided face with 8 or less faces. Usually has Squirrel or Beaver marks affecting the face.)

Porcupine: This crystal allows the gift of letting go of past hurts and returning to a simpler place of joy within your being. You still have your quills, but you are brought to the awareness that you no longer need to use them. This defensive stance no longer suits you, when you allow this crystal to work it’s love on you. (Crystal that has been broken and has self healed.)

Rabbit: This crystal allows you to learn that you are a valuable piece of the whole. You are not replaceable in the eyes of the Creator. The work you do is unique and yours alone. This crystal can have any of the other totem attributes. (Blue quartz)Raven: This crystal teaches you to become one with the Creator. To put aside all thoughts of separation, and see that there can be no separation. The Creator would not be whole without your valuable part of the puzzle. (Crystal growing completely through another crystal. In one side, out the other.)

Robin: Robin crystals hold the key to ending the tears of physical life and choosing the joy of song. Allow Robin to show you the way to this place of harmony. (Long drawn out oval to teardrop shapes on a face, always many together.)

Salmon: The Salmon is the species messenger for the waters. It sends forth the messages you wish others to know, whether it’s in body, Spirit, or the universe. (2 – 7 sided faces.)

Seagull: This crystal holds the step to ascension, as the steps rise the seagull soars to greater heights within you. (Fissures inside the crystal along the back going up from biggest on bottom to smaller on top appearing to be steps.)

Sheep: This crystal shows you how to be part of the flock, but maintain the ability to move beyond the flock when they are out of harmony with the Creator. (Grey Chlorite like substance inside crystal.)

Skunk: Skunk crystal will teach you to walk your own path without the interference of the desire to please others, or live up to their expectations of you. (Crystal treated with gold, Aqua Aura)

Spider: Spider represents the web of creation. It is the crystal cluster, and how the many have come together to do the work together. Clusters can have hundreds of totem attributes to assist you on your path.

Squirrel: By dipping into the knowing of this crystal, you will find the wisdom of past lives. This allows for the preparation of future growth, and use of this wisdom to aid the present. (A dip on the side of the crystal and sometimes the face.)

Swan: Swan can help you in past life regression or in future journeys. Surrender yourself to the universal plan and open your heart to the swan’s energies. (Crystal that has Tourmaline inside, tourmalinated)

Tiger: The scratch of the tiger, brings you the motivation to move out of a place of apathy, and begin to do the work that needs to be done. (What appears to be a cut going part way across a face).

Turkey: This crystal can have other totem attributes as well as the special stone that lives within it’s being. When you combine these attributes, and the energies of the particular stone encased in the crystal, you will find that each has it’s own unique path to honor. (A stone suspended within the crystal, such as Pyrite).

Turtle: When the planet began, turtle island represented the oldest knowing of our journey. Turtle represents the Earth experience. The Turtle crystal comes to those who assisted in creating the density of the Earth Mother’s body. They are the Earth Builders and these crystals are a gift to them from the Earth Mother. They will assist them to know fully who they are. (9 sided face, 9 faces)

Weasel: This crystal brings you information from right and left brain. It creates balance and unity for self and in relationships. It can have many other totem attributes. (Citrine)

Whale: Whale crystals help you to access all the records of the Earth. Whether they be of a personal nature or a planetary nature. (Etched triangles on face. 2nd type of Akasha crystal)

White Eagle: This crystal can have every teaching known on the Earth plane or can be created from the universal with a specific groupings of teachings, dependant on the time period offered. There are only a few thousand of them on the Earth. (11 sided face, 11 faces. Known as a master teaching crystal. They are not grown in the earth, they are created directly from the universal.)

White Buffalo: This crystal is the very nature of creation and the wholeness of all life. Suspended completely within the larger crystal, the Creator, is the smaller crystal, the Spirit of man, in the image of the Father. Perfect and cared for in every way by the Father. This crystal aids in learning how to receive every good desire. (One crystal totally suspended within another crystal, not a phantom)

Wolf: Set a Wolf crystal on your bed side, ask a question to Spirit, and in the morning this crystal will offer you the answer. We are all teachers and students. Wolf honors both sides of this equation. You can put forth the question of another to the crystal and ask that the answer be offered them when they awaken. (3 – 7 sided faces)

Wolverine: This crystal offers focus of what ever energies you send through it, and within the attributes of the other totems involved. It is a healing wand in intention and is here to serve the planetary people. (Long thin crystal that makes a ting noise like the badger, but is normal configuration and may have other totem attributes. Known as a healing wand.)

Worm: These crystals hold information for all to use, however they are accessed most easily by the universal Souls, as most of the information is beyond the planetary experience. They hold the universal laws and the history of all of creation. (Mountainous markings on face. Pointed and rounded, 1st type of Akasha crystal.)

Zebra: The zebra will tell you about all of his brethren. He can help you to call to you the stones and crystals you are most in need of and can teach you the ways to use all of them for personal growth and healing. He knows of the ways to combine them in harmony to assist the whole. (Known as the Species Communicator. Diagonal stripes down face that alternated between clear and semi-clear/textured. They will always have at least 2 of the 3 Akasha crystal totem attributes. They are often double terminated, but sometimes short and stubby. They are often cougar or wolf crystals as well.)

Fox/Snake: This crystal appears to have no or few totem attribute when acquired. However, as time passes and the camouflage is released, reinspection shows dramatic changes. Sometimes these crystals will totally transmute themselves into what the keeper of the crystal is in need of. They can also come to you clouded completely and in time show themselves to have hidden treasures.

Identifying Totem CrystalsCrystal Configurations

A wand with 3 primary sides much larger than the other 3 sides coming to a pyramid type point. Make a ting sound when gently hit against each other. Known as laser wands. BADGER

A wand with more traditional 6 sided configuration. May or may not make the ting sound. May have numerous totem attributes. WOLVERINE

Flat Crystal. DOLPHIN

Crystal with attached Dolphin crystal. BALD EAGLE

Crystal whose direction of growth has changed dramatically, up to 90 degrees. CRAB

2 individual but connected crystals. GOOSE

3 individual but connected crystals. DUCK

2 crystal points coming out of a single base. GOLDEN EAGLE

All faces come to a perfect point. HORSE

Both ends of the crystal are pointed. (Double terminated) PANTHER

Crystal that has healed from a break of some kind. PORCUPINE


1 – 5 sided face. DEER

2 – 5 sided faces. ANTELOPE

3 – 5 sided faces. ELK

1 – 7 sided face. HAWK

2 – 7 sided faces. SALMON

3 – 7 sided faces. WOLF

2 – 7 sided faces, 1 – 8 sided face. OPOSSUM

1 – 8 sided face. GRIZZLY BEAR

2 – 8 sided faces. DOG

3 – 8 sided faces. COUGAR

2 – 8 sided faces, 1 – 7 sided face. CAT

1 – 8 sided face with 8 faces. BAT

1 – 9 sided face. BUTTERFLY

1 – 9 sided face with 9 faces. TURTLE

1 – 10 sided face. BEE

1 – 10 sided face with 10 faces. ANT

1 – 11 sided face with 9 or 10 faces. COYOTE

1 – 11 sided face with 11 faces. WHITE EAGLE

Face with more than 9 sides with 8 or less faces. PHOENIX

Diamond shaped face. BLACK BEAR

Parallelogram face. LIZARD

Markings on outside of crystal

Parallel horizontal lines on side. BEAVER

Etchings on side and occasionally face. Looks like deterioration. DINOSAUR

A dip on side and sometimes face. SQUIRREL

Crystal specs (seeds), usually on back of crystal, but can be anywhere. MOUSE

Topo map type markings on face. FALCON

Long drawn out oval to teardrop shape markings on face. There are always many together. ROBIN

What appears to be a cut part way across the face. TIGER

Akasha Crystals:

Mountainous markings on face. WORM

Etched triangles on face. WHALE

Etched circle on face. LYNX

Diagonal stripes down face alternating clear semi- clear/textured. Has at least 2 of the 3 record keeper markings. ZEBRA

Within the crystal

Illusion of another crystal inside. (Phantom DRAGONFLY

Rainbow inside. HUMMINGBIRD

Green chlorite inside. GOAT

Grey chlorite like substance inside. SHEEP

Rutilation inside. (Small golden or red threads) GROUSE

Tourmaline inside. (Tourmalinated) SWAN

Fissures inside, along back that appear to be a stairway. SEAGULL

Crystal growing from inside a 2nd crystal, with the point protruding. KANGAROO

Crystal growing into a 2nd crystal, the point inside the 2nd crystal. BUFFALO

Crystal growing completely through a 2nd crystal, in one side out the other. RAVEN

Stone suspended within a crystal (such as pyrite) TURKEY

Crystal totally suspended within a larger crystal (not a phantom) WHITE BUFFALO


Aqua colored crystal treated with gold. (aqua aura) SKUNK

Tiny cluster with a large amount of tiny totem crystals. Very powerful compared to a normal cluster. OWL

A crystal that has none of these attributes is a crow, but could still show itself to be a FOX / SNAKE

More than 3 points together is a cluster SPIDER

© Copyright 1991 Engtovo Bhodsvatan

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